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Team Awards

Compiled by Louise Granahan.

Does you team have an awards ceremony? Do you recognize teammates who make special contributions to your team at an end of year dinner?

Here are some ideas for some serious and silly awards that you might want to hand out to say thank you to teammates and volunteers.

  1. Most Spirited

  2. Best fundraiser

  3. Best Attitude

  4. Best Practice Attendance Award

  5. Energizer Bunny (Most Energy)

  6. Best rookie

  7. In Sync award

  8. Most Heart for the Sport

  9. Coach’s Award (good listening, shows a lot of passion)

  10. Mountain Mover (gets things DONE!)

  11. Most Versatile

  12. Commitment to Excellence

  13. Commitment to Service

  14. Behind the Scenes Award (for a teammate who does a lot of the work that no one even realizes)

  15. Teamwork Award

  16. Best attitude

  17. Most coachable

  18. Socialite (best at organizing social gatherings)

  19. Above & Beyond

  20. Good Sport Award

  21. Winning Spirit Award

  22. Most Fun Paddler Award

  23. Best Effort Award

  24. Leadership Award

  25. Role Model Award

  26. Best Teammate Award

  27. Communicator Award

  28. Love of the Game Award

  29. 110% Award

  30. Best Team Supporter Award

  31. Best Cheerleader Award

  32. Volunteer of the year

  33. Most likely to splash the person behind

  34. Most likely to cause a capsize

  35. Most likely to be late to practice

  36. Best potluck dish award

  37. Newbie award

  38. Commitment to Excellence Award

  39. Determination Award

  40. Most organized