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Positions on the Boat

The bones of the team are made up of the 20 paddlers in the boat and the few reserves on land cheering them on. To be a paddler you just need to be keen and like having fun - how easy is that!

‚ÄčThe crew:

A maximum of 20 paddlers seated with a steer/helm/sweep and a drummer.

‚ÄčThe steer/helm/sweep:

Stands at the stern (back of the boat) and steers it. The steer/helm/sweep is also responsible for safety on the boat and giving the crew commands.The steer/helm/sweep stands on the back of the boat steering the team to victory. The steer/helm/sweep has a massive responsibility, not only does she have to keep a rampaging boat full of paddlers going straight down the course, but she is also the 'safety' person on the boat. The steer/helm/sweep is one of the most important parts of the team.

The drummer:

Sits in the bow (front of the boat) and is usually lightweight, loud and energetic, and sets the crew's timing. The drummer and has to keep the team paddling in time together. It's an important role in a dragon boat team, as timing and technique are the keys to a fast boat. 

The strokes/pacers:

The first 2 paddlers in the front seats who set the pace for the team.
The strokes need to be very fit, have a great sense of timing and feel for the boat as it moves through the water.