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Steering Committee updates: Global representation & Merchandise

The board recently undertook the first IBCPC strategic planning session. We managed to cover a great deal of ground to form the basis of our next five years. We look forward to sharing this with you when it is finished. It will also be placed on the IBCPC website.

One of the outcomes of our strategic planning session we looked at how we could engage with our teams more directly and in particular through our national representatives.

We have split the world into regions based on where our current membership rests. These regions will be reviewed annually as membership changes, increases and shifts in terms of growing locations.

The regions are broken down as follows. We will be looking for additional coordinators:

Regional Coordinators




Europe, Latin America

Israel, Cyprus, Asia

Egypt, UAE, Qatar and South Africa

In addition we would like to welcome some new National rep updates:

Israel: Orit Ziv Ackerman

New Zealand: Colleen Harris

Panama: Floribeth de Finizio

We are also looking to appoint another NR to southern France.

IBCPC Merchandise

Working on merchandise range which will bring us in income

On the IBCPC board we are always looking at ways to make passive income for the organization, be that through royalty payments, commissions, dividends earned from funds on bank deposit or by sponsorship. We have an agreement in place with Hornet Watersports, which sees us receive a commission on product sold, this is mostly paddles, but also accessories. We have also received sponsorship by way of modest clothing for paddlers from countries that have cultural norms for clothing worn by female paddlers.

We are very excited to be working with a merchandise company on a range of products bearing the IBCPC logo. Below is an example of some of this product. Once we finalise the range and the online shop is up and running we will launch this range.