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Updates from Canada

On the other side of Canada, Abreast in a Boat, the first breast cancer survivor team to be established and a founding member of IBCPC is setting off on an adventure around the globe. It is their way of keeping fit and connected to their paddlers during the pandemic as they patiently wait to get back on the water. Below is their promotional material. Get in touch if you wish to join them somewhere along the journey they are on.

Let’s Get Active!

Walk, run, stroll, jog, cycle, swim, kayak, paddleboard, etc. As long as you can track your distance, IT COUNTS!

Have fun as we stay fit for our upcoming season, while increasing member engagement, building teamwork and strengthening our camaraderie. Let's be active, stay connected and make new connections! Adventure Around the World with Abreast in A Boat is our way of engaging with Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Teams around the world.

Here’s Why: Did you know that it takes 37528 kms to go around the world? Let’s travel around the world together (virtually) while we stay active.

Here’s How:

1. Get moving! As you work out, keep a record of your kms.

2. Each crew will assign a Crew Liaison who will tally results. Every Friday, send the total kms you’ve accumulated throughout the week to your Team Liaison.

3. Crew Liaisons: Please send all weekly team totals to Debbie Murphy at

4. We’ll tally everyone’s kms every week and add it into our map: Adventure Around the World Map - see below.

5. Every month, we’ll check where we are on the map, find a team close to it and set up a zoom call with them. Let’s celebrate the countries we stop in by honoring their traditions of food, beverages and country colours.

Here’s When:

Start Date: February 15, 2021

End Date: May 31, 2021

Target Daily and Weekly Kms:

Goal Kms: 37528

Total # of Days: 120 Days

Target Daily Kms: 313 kms

Target Weekly Kms: 2192 kms

What an exciting way to stay fit and connected at the same time! Let’s get active.

1. As you work out, take a selfie and share it on your social media and use our hashtags #AIABAdventureAroundTheWorld and #AbreastInABoat.

2. We’ll be on social media too! One of our goals for this campaign is to share our cause to the world. So, we’ll be sharing our progress on social media.

Are you following us on social media yet? If not, follow us on Facebook.

3. Every week, we’ll update the map to show our progress. Everyone will have access to the map. By all means, share the map.