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News from Brazil

Wow the growth in Brazil has been phenomenal!

Cleusa Alonso the founder of Remadoras Rosa in Brazil (Pink Paddlers in Brazil) is determined., dedicated, supportive and very cheerful. She was one of the first Brazilian pink paddlers, even though she lived in Argentina. She has participated in several Breast Cancer dragon boat festivals in Latin and South America, and was the first National Representative for Brazil. She instigated the growth of breast cancer dragon boating in Brazil and is responsible for pink paddling on the Dragon Boat Commission of the Brazilian Confederation of Canoeing (CBCa), which was recently admitted to IDBF as the dragon boat representatives for Brazil.

Her strong gratitude in the heart of her passion for the pink dragon boat paddling has contributed to painting pink all over the many and varied regions of Brazil.

She is also the founder of the new team in Brazil, Forca Rosa (recently joined IBCPC) that will help the team to fly the flag of Pink Paddling in the highest places across the globe to demonstrate that women who have undergone a diagnosis of and treatment for breast cancer can live a full and active life.

We know that there are many Brazilian teams waiting to join IBCPC and we extend our huge congratulations to Cleusa and thank her enormously for all she has done to help to build such a big network of pink paddlers across Brazil.