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News from Argentina

Update from Lia del Prado, National Rep, Argentina

I have so much good news to share with you!!!

First of all, the very good news is that 5 new groups have already joined the IBCPC.

The new teams are:

1. Quilla Rosa. Santa Fe

2. Asociación Civil Nahuel Rosa de Bote Dragón (Rio Negro)

3. Guerreras Rosa del Viento (Santa Cruz)

4. Mongüen Kawen Rosa (Rio Negro)

5. Rosa del Mar

Another wonderful news is the Invitation that has been sent to me from the Ministry of Social Development, Secretary of Sports and Recreation of the Province of Santa Cruz, to participate in a talk advising what the IBCPC is, what it is dedicated to, and to promote the IBCPC by-line that, "Exercise is Medicine” and also the recreational sports practice of the Dragon Boat in our country. I will be doing this as a representative of the IBCPC.

There will also be a virtual training for 4 Saturdays "Life in Pink Project".

Training cycle "Life in pink project - dragon boat".

The Ministry of Social Development, through the Secretary of State for Sports and Recreation, invites all to participate in the training cycle "Life in pink-dragon boat" which promotes the sport of women survivors of breast cancer. sense the gender and sports area of the provincial entity and in conjunction with the organization Base Bariloche de Bote Dragon and Fundación Nahuel Rosa, to be held in 4 virtual meetings.

With the aim of providing theoretical and technical bases for the knowledge and practice of the dragon boat discipline, the proposal for members of the sports community will be held in four sessions throughout August.

During the course the speakers will address topics such as:

- the history and culture of this sport

- The therapeutic practice of the dragon boat and its benefits for rehabilitation

- institutional aspects

- technical and regulatory notions.