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Next IBCPC Participatory Festival - 2026

As we have missed a year due to COVID we thought it would be good to let you know that we will be working through the process of obtaining bids for the next IBCPC event in 2026.

For any of you considering organising an IBCPC Festival, it is time to think about this now. We anticipate opening the bid process for the 2026 event on the 1st October 2022.

You will be advised of the time period for submitting your bid along with timeframes around site visits, announcements etc.

Prior to the opening of the bid process the IBCPC committee will hold a session (using Zoom) for any regions/teams/clubs interested in placing a bid to organise this very special event. This session will be paramount for anyone considering putting in a bid. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the process, the IBCPC committee and current and past festival organisers can share their experiences.
If you are in any way interested in organising such an event, then start thinking about that now as it really is a very big undertaking.