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We're Back Baby And Stronger Than Ever

The Southeast USA is really shining post COVID! Looking through some 2021 pictures, we can easily recap the year with smiles.

In the first quarter of 2021 we were keeping our distance but building strength however possible. Kayaking, SUPs, and OCs were becoming the norm for our water sport activities. (pic 1). But by April, the Jacksonville Mammoglams brought back our laughs sharing sisterhood with some Survivors in Sync friends at our festival in Inverness, Florida (2).

As we continued to become vaccinated throughout the south USA, our BCS teams became more comfortable removing masks and displaying our love of life and the outdoors. We were bitten by the dragon once again. Our newest team, Hell Gate Dragons had a "bouncing" time raising money at their local Making Strides event (3).

The Orlando Warriors On Water proudly displayed their Bling after a big win for their hometown Major League Festival at Turkey Lake. (4)

The Sarasota Survivors in Sync accessed the finish line of their home course after taking GOLD in the USDBF National Championship, winning their berth for the IDBF Club Crew World Championships (CCWC). (5)

For Pinktober, the North Carolina Healing Dragons, dolled up in their pink ponytails, looked amazing in their new jerseys and gave a humble over the shoulder peek of their Silver in the Charlotte Asian Festival (6 & 7).

As November rolled around, our region finally got back some chilly weather demonstrated by embracing to stay warm Broward Fierce Fighters at the Hernando Florida Festival. (8). But as expected, even in the cold and rain, our flower ceremonies take priority as seen in this photo, with our Tampa Pink Dragon Ladies tossing flowers for our loved ones. (9).

And to summarize our 2021, “we’re back baby” takes happy meaning as the Southeast ends the year in full boats and all together again at our Team Save Our Sisters Miami Festival. (10)!