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Breast Cancer Paddler Organisations

We always encourage the teams in any country to become a group, more power in a larger voice and at the very least, have representation on their regional and national associations/federations.

  • Dragons Abreast Australia

  • Remadoras Rosa Brazil

  • Argentina in Rosa

  • NZDBA BC representative

  • Dragon Boat Canada BC representative

  • USDBF BC representative

These are some of the organisations that we know about that represent breast-cancer paddlers not just at the team level but at a higher level. We strongly encourage that teams have a breast-cancer paddling representation that is connected to the national body.

Dragon Abreast Australia (DAA) was established in 1998 and has continued to represent many of the breast-cancer teams.

Paddlers Abreast Canada (PAC) has just been formed as another layer of information for the Canadian paddlers and to maintain the history of where breast cancer dragon boating all started.

As we grow our sport, it is exciting for breast cancer survivors to know that we have many different options available to us with all levels of paddling being respected and embraced. Breast cancer paddlers are represented at the highest level of dragon boating in Canada on the Dragonboat Canada board by our very own Linda Kuska.

In New Zealand since the reformation of the New Zealand Dragonboat Association in 2008 there has always been representation of breast cancer Dragonboat at board level under the Special Interest directorship.

IBCPC is also really excited to see that the same level of representation has been established on the US Dragonboat Federation with a Special Interest group particularly focusing on breast cancer dragon boat. This breast cancer sub-committee is led by our own Betty Solley.

In Latin and South America those teams have combined to sit under an umbrella organisation that has a formal representation to their national bodies in Argentina it is Argentina in Rosa and in Brazil it is Remadoras Rosa.

We are a force to be reckoned with and one of the fastest growing and biggest divisions of the sport, so let’s make our voice heard loud and clear at every level of the sport.