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Argentina Update

Each year the Argentinian teams try to get together to share paddling experiences and camaraderie. The 4th National Rosas meeting is being planned for February 2022. The final date is yet to be determined.

It will be known as “Chocon Rosa 2022”

It is planned to have paddling activities, coaching clinics, water safety drills, awareness talks on the early detection of breast cancer and above all 4 days of fun and enjoyment.

The previous Rosas meetings were:

  • Neuquen, November 2017

  • El Cochon, Neuquen, February 2020

  • Tigre, BA, February 2021

  • El Cochon, Neuquen, February 2022

Argentinian teams celebrate in November

Without a doubt, this November has been the most exciting for the sport of dragon boat paddling in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Post-pandemic, nautical activities were resumed and one of the most anticipated was the celebration of the Centennial of the Nautical Club of the City of Quilmes, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From early in the morning until late in the evening the celebrations were continuous, and one of those celebrations was the realization of the "Centennial of Dragons Regatta". Present were the authorities of the Quilmes Nautical Club, the Municipal Sports Secretary, the Argentine Association of Dragon Boats, and the IBCPC National Representatives.

The friendly races were carried out in a climate of total friendship, color and camaraderie between the breast cancer and other teams. There was representation from Remeras Rosas, (La Plata); with members of Alas de Agua (Avellaneda); Rosas del Plata (Tigre); CNQ Team (Quilmes) and AABD Team.

It has been a pleasure to be able to participate in what Remeras Rosas considers our second home, since we have been training in Bote Dragon at the Quilmes Nautical Club.

Undoubtedly one of the most emotional moments has been the baptism of 3 new paddlers into this BCS group. In Buenos Aires, it was a pure Dragon party, built in friendship with the Chinese Community, which unites us in the spirit of the sport.

Argentina and China are in communion, two cultures united by the same sport.

Lia del Prado

Remeras Rosas La Plata

IBCPC Representative.

Inclusion in Argentina

The Argentine Dragon Boat Association along with the Argentine Forum of Adapted Sports (FADA) and other organisations recently held an introduction session on dragon boating and this is what they had to say when they shared how the sport is suitable for anyone regardless of ability.

There has been a great advancement for the development of a new discipline in our country. It is about the "Dragon Boat" or "Dragon Boat", a Chinese activity that has more than 50 million followers around the world and that is practiced with boats of 10 and 20 paddlers, with a captain who marks the synchronicity of the movements.

After a meeting of authorities at CeNARD, its implementation begins to take hold with an adapted and inclusive modality. The area of Adapted Sports and Sports Promotion of the Secretariat of Sports of the Nation held a key meeting with the Argentine Forum of Adapted Sports (FADA), dependent on the Argentine Sports Confederation (CAD).

The objective was very concrete: to achieve the promotion and development in our country through the official bodies of the "Dragon Boat" or Dragon Boat, an activity with origin in China that is practiced in 40 countries.

The meeting was held at the National Centre for High Performance Sports (CeNARD) in which the director of Adapted Sports and Sports Promotion of the National Sports