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Appointment of National Representatives

Brazil: Larissa Lima and Angelina Carapello

Angelina Carapello

I'm Angelina, I'm 65 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, and had a quadrantectomy of the left breast. I also was treated with radiotherapy and hormone therapy for 5 years.

I have a degree in pedagogy, with a specialization in pedagogical coordination, where I worked for 35 years.

In 2018 I met the Dragon Boat UMAUMA Brasil team whose creator of the project is Alessandra Rodrigues Pereira, a canoeing athlete, where I was taught everything about Dragon Boat. It was love at first sight.

I was elected Manager in September 2019, and I am still working in that position.

I am a dynamic, committed, participative and competitive person in my training.

From the beginning, paddling changed my routine: I stopped being sedentary and became an active, more willing person.

In 2019, I met Cleusa Alonso at the Neuquem festival, an amazing person, who is committed to the Rosa movement. I also learned and learned a lot from her.

I love my UMAUMA BRASIL team and I want the Rosa movement in Dragon Boat to continue to grow here in Brazil. I thank Alessandra and Cleusa, who do so much for our cause.


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