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Argentina Today

We wish to thank our National Representative Lia del Prado for this incredibly comprehensive update of the teams in Argentina.

Argentina is becoming beautifully PINK.

The purpose of the IBCPC in Argentina is to promote and disseminate information about groups and sports or recreational rowing teams in Dragon Boat, or in any other kind of boat where we carry out the motto "Exercise is Medicine" (sport is health / medicine).

The exponential growth of women with a history of Breast Cancer who continue to join this international movement is notorious. From the water, or through concrete actions in the community, particularly in Argentina, carrying a strong and clear message of personal improvement, group work and awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

We also believe it is necessary to include our activities in regular open and mixed teams, since it is the opportunity for all groups to be able to actively participate in this wonderful sport, both competitively and recreationally, for which we are working on the specific opening of the breast category in every future event.

Argentina Today

Currently, Argentina has 27 groups of women with a history of breast cancer, some groups are mixed since they are also adding men with a history of breast cancer; other groups are mixed adding other pathologies, some groups have competitive sports teams, others only engage in sports recreationally and as a means of rehabilitation.

Fifteen (15 of these) are members of the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission (IBCPC), which in turn is a member commission of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) and the Pan American Dragon Boat Federation (PanAmDBF).

The slogan in our country is the practice of rowing, canoeing, paddling, in order to rehabilitate ourselves physically and emotionally, giving a message of improvement and encouraging the population to carry out their annual clinical check-ups.

Dragon Boat Festival In Bariloche

This year marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Argentina, for this reason the AABD plans to hold a series of events and Dragon Boat competitions in Argentina. The first of them was a Festival that took place on March 11, 12 and 13 in Bariloche. Several teams from Buenos Aires and other provinces travelled there.

Races were organized in four categories: Women's, Men's, Mixed and Open. 200 and 500 meters. They were teams of 10 paddlers + drummer + helmsman. Rosas del Plata participated in the women's category, both in the 200 and 500 meters.

The festival was an amazing party! It was held in Lake Gutierrez and we had spring weather that allowed to fully enjoy this sport and such beautiful landscapes of southern Argentina. We could not only grow in experience and interact with other teams, but we made the podium twice! We achieved third place in the 200 meters and second place in the 500 meters.

It was great excitement that a BCS team can compete in a common category and compete as equals. The adrenaline was immense, and we returned to Buenos Aires happy. It is a sport that benefits us not only physically, but also caresses our soul.

Paddle Up! And because we continue to enjoy the "dragon family" for much longer.Jessica Trumper, (vice-captain of Rosas del Plata)

Between Rafts and Dragons

Every Saturday we propose how we can carry out this beautiful activity, which generates a lot of enthusiasm and fun. We alternate between two different riverside landscapes 45 kilometres away, some Saturdays we enter the heart of Santiago Island, in the Ensenada district, and paddle our raft; we alternate in two exits when there are many paddlers, or only one when the concurrence is smaller.

There we are received by our local islander friend Gustavo, who always helps us with the boat, which awaits us sleeping at Camping "El Ceibo", a space that we met and made ours thanks to Mati, and the entire Kayak Platense community.

Some Saturdays and when the attendance is greater, we can paddle in a Dragon Boat, thanks to the kindness of the Quilmes Nautical Club, which so generously and free of charge, opened the doors of the club and its facilities to us, as well as the generosity of its Viky trainers and Romi, who accompany us and our steersman Miguel, who guides us in feeling the beating of the dragon that transports us looking towards the open river.

We have nothing but gratitude and continue enjoying life!

Paddle up!

Lia Del Prado

Remeras Rosas – IBCPC

A “Pink Wave”

We are OlaRosa from the town of Olavarria, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year found us with many projects and a more committed and enthusiastic for the future.

We paddle in kayaks, which a local group lends us, in our beloved Tapalque stream. In the month of January, many members went on vacation, so the activity was just rowing, and we had the honour of being the first group visited by the Mandinga tattoo family on their trip through America. We shared experiences, anecdotes and we closed the day with solidarity tattoos.

In March, we commemorated Women's Day, participating in rowing through the municipal spa of our locality and distributed informative pamphlets, shared talks with those present and invited them to row. We were awarded by the municipality as an outstanding group in the community. More projects await us this month and the rest of the year. Thanks for having us be part of this wonderful path.


Azaleas of Paraná

Azaleas del Paraná is a group of empowered women with a cause, prevention, rehabilitation and accompaniment of all those who are or have been diagnosed with CA of the breast.

We paddle it!!! We row for life!!! For us, for you, for all!

We are currently in constant activity both in the water with our canoes and participating in talks and events that invite us at the local and provincial level. This year we have the great commitment to host the IV Pink National Encounter - October 8 and 9, 2022.

Nahuel Rosa Project Foundation

With the purpose of inclusive and free comprehensive rehabilitation through sports, and awareness of the need for controls for the early detection of cancer, survivors and volunteers come together to bear witness in solidarity that a full life is possible from pain.

As part of the Bariloche Base of Bote Dragon, together with the Mongüen Kawen team of Conesa, we work for the formation of more teams in Patagonia.

Incredible what these women do to maintain conquered space. So, and with all this, the "women with claws" sign a great team. Fundación PROYECTO NAHUEL ROSA, is part, like so many, of the pink teams of the country that made the sport of the Dragon Boat visible.

With the initiative to go from the therapeutic to the conventional, it grows day by day, being made up today by more than 120 participants, of whom 70 regularly carry out the activity.

On November 20 and 21, 2021, more than 150 people from all over the country gathered at Lake Piedras Moras, City of Almafuerte, (Córdoba - Argentina) to experience what was the III National Pink Meeting, to raise awareness about Cancer, learn, share and celebrate life.

Amazonas de Córdoba was the host team for this event and sought to provide all attendees with a pleasant experience in this city, which is also its nautical headquarters. The activities carried out were varied and complete, from games, Zumba, skin care, cosmetics, talks, regattas, live shows, among many others, always encouraging unity and teamwork.

During the weeks prior to the face-to-face meeting, Virtual Conferences were held in which teams from all over the country and Latin America could participate. They featured lectures by top-level professionals in the area of health and sports, such as the honourable Dr Don McKenzie exclusively for all the Spanish-speaking countries… a truly unforgettable encounter.