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Ka-Ora rises up...

Ka-Ora rises up and builds multiple teams.

From Fabio Paiva, Founder of the Ka-Ora project in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I recently visited the wonderful girls from Argentina, at the meeting they had in Chocon. Then I also went to meet the girls from Bariloche. I was very well received by everyone, making me even more motivated to continue working hard on this project.

We are ready to enroll Ka-Ora teams in the IBCPC. We have found our independence, as at first, we were linked to the Cancer Institute, but now we are independent and we want the unity of being a part of this big international family.

We will have the 5th Ka-Ora Festival on October 29 and 30, 2022. I recall with so much affection when Meri visited us in 2016 to coach with the girls and because of this I realize how important it is to be recognized by the IBCPC.

Because of what we started in 2016, Ka-Ora is growing more and more.

Our space is open to contribute with any other group, because we are here for the cause.

Ka-Ora wants to unite and bring everyone together for the good of these survivors.

I think that when there is a movement to work for a cause, everyone should unite for it.

Who doesn't want to unite, it's because they don't have the heart for the CAUSE!

Hope you are well and will soon give us the honor of a visit to Ka-Ora.

Fabio Paiva