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Stories from the UK

UK Paddling

Submitted by Wendy Grose

The UK have had a difficult time getting back to normality after Covid, clubs are now back paddling but events in the UK have not been happening and some paddlers are still worried about travelling abroad.

Wave Walkers based in London went to Venice to take part in the Vogalonga, the team included ladies from other BCS teams from across the UK.

Pink Champagne also took a full boat to Venice to take part in the Venice festival on the Saturday and compete in the Vogalonga on the Sunday. Everyone had a great time and came back very happy with 2 medals.

The UK composite team the Pink Royals took a team to Donegal, this boat was made up from 10 different teams, including guests from Australia, Canada, and Ireland, it’s amazing that once you are in a boat together you paddle well as a team.

A few weeks ago, 6 UK teams were represented at the World Sprint Championships at Windsor, we all raced in V12 outrigger boats, it was great to race together even though it wasn’t a dragon boat.

4 members of Pink Champagne took on the United Ladies 200km challenge along the Loire River in France, again great to meet up with fellow paddlers from all over the world.

We are all looking forward to travelling to events next year.

Queen’s Relay Baton

Wendy Grose to carry Queens Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

What an honour for Wendy Grose, our coach, to be selected to carry the Queen's Baton as part of the build up to the Commonwealth Games.

Wendy has devoted so much time and energy to Pink Champagne dragon boat team for many years. As a team, we are very proud that she has been acknowledged for all the hard work she has done.

Open Day in Dorchester

Submitted by Oxford Paddlers for Life

Recently Oxford Paddlers for Life took part in an open day for Dorchester Sailing Club which is where their boat Kintsugi is moored. The club has been very welcoming to us and some sailing club members are regular paddlers.

Despite it being a windy day, the weather settled enough to take three trips out of members of the sailing club and their friends and family (as young as 2 years old!) for 30-minute paddling sessions. The lake is blessed with small islands as well as being a good size with lots of nature elements and wildlife. Members of Oxford paddlers for life helmed the boat and supported sailing club members and the sun even came out for a short while!

The day was finished with local fish and chips enjoyed in the sailing clubhouse, which was just as well as the rain returned with a vengeance! It was a great experience to mix the two clubs and share their appreciation of all things, lake and sailing/paddling related.