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Re-introducing Cleusa Alonso as National Representative for Brazil

I'm Cleusa Alonso, Brazilian living in Argentina, retired teacher, married, mother of two wonderful children. I am determined, dedicated, supportive and very cheerful.

In November 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in November 2020 with parotid cancer.

After the hardships, I joined a small group of women who are also cancer survivors, and together we formed the first pink dragon boat team in South America in 2013.

The contact with those women and belonging to a group helped me a lot emotionally.

Through this activity I had the opportunity to meet amazing people, like Adriana Bartoli, responsible for introducing the dragon boat to breast cancer survivors in South America.

Adriana Bartoli was my biggest encourager to bring Dr. Don Mckenzie and share the joy of belonging to this beautiful pink sisterhood movement.

In 2016 I was invited to be the voluntary representative of Brazil for the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission – IBCPC, I worked with great dedication until 2020.

Remadoras Rosa do Brasil, which officially began in 2016, is recognized throughout the country and aims to consciously and responsibly disseminate the formation of teams of breast cancer survivors in dragon boats and unite all Brazilian teams.

We walked slowly, but with firm and solid steps.

Currently in Brazil there are twenty pink teams distributed in all regions.

And I also have immense respect for the cause of breast cancer, which makes me think that every woman who has gone through this terrible disease has the right to sit in this huge and imposing boat and feel that there is life after cancer!

These are the feelings that keep me sharing the benefits of rowing a dragon boat and helping many other women have their lives transformed.