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News from Ireland

Thank you to Deborah Bonner, Ireland

Submitted by Meri Gibson

It is with much gratitude that we say a massive thank you to Deborah Bonner who has been our fantastic National Representative to Ireland since July 2017. As soon as I met Deborah in Divonne les Bains, France in 2017 I knew she was the right person for the role. She has done a fabulous job of keeping the Irish BCS teams connected and in promoting dragon boating to one and all. Many of you will have seen the lovely photo of herself and her dad that won an IDBF photo competition and made its way into the IDBF 30-year anniversary book.

When Deborah and I were chatting a month ago, she was on the bus on her way to meet with the paddlers from Plurabelles to paddle with them. When I asked her if it was for a regatta, she said “no it’s not a regatta, just a social visit, 4-hour bus trip to there, but I love catching up”. That in itself shows commitment and dedication to travel four hours each way by bus just to catch up. We know that Deborah will always stay connected to our community and continue to promote BCS paddling but she felt it was time for someone else to step up and lead the way now.

Deborah, you have our heartfelt thanks for all you have done to promote BCS paddling and IBCPC in Ireland. Go well and always maintain that beautiful smile.