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From the desk of the President

From the Desk of Meri Gibson, IBCPC Global President.

When you are reading this newsletter, it will be just over five weeks until everybody is in New Zealand for the IBCPC Participatory Festival. To say that the excitement and energy is palpable would be an understatement. We are certainly in full activity mode as we build towards the last few weeks. There is still much to be done and all the last-minute activities that we are pulling together are certainly keeping us all on our toes.

It’s been a wonderful summer in New Zealand and in the South Island we are experiencing a heatwave, while unfortunately parts of the upper and east coast of the North Island have been severely impacted by cyclone Gabrielle. I personally want to reassure you that none of the areas in Cambridge, Hamilton, Rotorua, or Tauranga that are being used for the festival were affected in any way whatsoever.

As the new year unfolds many of us are in the depths of our paddling seasons whilst others are enjoying ice dragon boat racing in the French Alps and playing in the snow. Whatever way you look at it, whatever the weather is, there is always an opportunity to participate in dragon boating activities of some sort.

We have another jam-packed newsletter for you with articles from our paddling community and also an interesting study undertaken in Germany with our member team Pink-Gelb-Neckadrachen being the study group of paddlers. This study has provided empirical data and research on the impacts of Dragonboat paddling on breast cancer survivors. It makes for very interesting reading and once again proves that vigorous upper body exercises is actually really good for you.

I am super excited to be able to meet with you all at the festival in a few weeks’ time and also to see some of you participate at the Congress which is an important moment of our IBCPC calendar.

Happy travels everyone and safe landings.