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40 Reason Why "Exercise is Medicine"

40 Reasons Why Dragon Boat Paddling is Brilliant for Breast Cancer Survivors.

From Vancouver Island Dragon Boat teams.I want to share my 40 reasons why dragon boat paddling is brilliant, especially after a breast cancer diagnosis:

  1. It’s great for improving range of movement at the shoulder

  2. It’s great for improving general fitness

  3. It’s great for improving strength

  4. It’s great for improving flexibility

  5. It’s great for improving core stability

  6. It’s great for improving coordination

  7. It’s great for improving proprioception

  8. It’s great for improving balance

  9. It’s great for increasing energy levels

  10. It’s exercise, but you don’t have to think of it as such (for those that don’t like exercise)

  11. It will help promote better sleep

  12. It helps to manage lymphoedema

  13. It helps to maintain your weight

  14. It helps reduce your risk of cancer recurrence

  15. It encourages team-working

  16. It encourages problem-solving

  17. It can challenge you to go out of your comfort zone

  18. You get to try, develop and master new skills

  19. It builds camaraderie

  20. It helps to build confidence and self esteem

  21. It helps to restore self-efficacy

  22. It gets you very close to nature

  23. It’s great fun, you will laugh

  24. With top quality helms and coaches you can be assured that you are in safe hands, your safety and the safety of the crew is their priority

  25. You get the chance to train as a helm or coach if you so desire

  26. It encourages you to focus your mind on the task in hand, therefore:

  27. It’s great mindfulness practice

  28. You’ll make new friends

  29. It will open the door to a thriving social calendar

  30. You get to experience how amazing it feels to have a full boat of paddlers all paddling in sync with each other

  31. You get to take part in regattas

  32. You get to take part in regattas that are only for breast cancer survivors

  33. It allows you to see the world from a different viewpoint – from within the boat on the water

  34. You get to go to places you’ve never been before

  35. You are part of a growing global community of breast cancer survivor paddlers.

  36. People are looking on at you in amazement – you’ll feature in lots of tourist’s videos

  37. You are spreading the message that there is life after cancer

  38. You are supporting other women affected by breast cancer

  39. Your are inspiring other women to pick up a paddle

  40. It’s a demonstration of your AWESOMENESS

So there you are, 40 reasons to give it a go!

Find a club near you and go along for a trial paddle. If there isn’t a club near you, then maybe you could think of setting one up.

All clubs started somewhere, usually with one person with a vision, and a dream, and a will to make things happen! Paddles Up!