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Updates from Latin and South America

Rosas Del Plata


by Matilde Yahni, IBCPC National Representative to Argentina

The members of Rosa Del Plata don’t need an excuse to party. Our Argentine team of 55 paddlers love delicious food, good music, dancing, and any reason to bring the team together. A group of ladies on our team volunteered to form our “birthday celebration committee”, and they work hard to surprise our 55 BCS pink paddlers at every event with special guests and treats. They invite musicians: jazz singers, saxophone, and piano players and even an opera singer (son of one of our paddlers) to give a distinctive touch to each party.

Someone said you can ease the burden of cancer in two ways: with good food or with humour. For the pink paddlers that means home-made food: pizzas, stews, delicious desserts, and wine of course. We are 55 ladies, 92 and a half breasts, and our favourite T-shirt reads: OF COURSE THEY ARE FAKE, MINE TRIED TO KILL ME — seen in Florence at the IBCPC festival.

Our birthday events are warm and festive celebrations of life with good food, good spirits, and presents for the birthday girls.

Our team has a motto: “remandole a la vida“ (paddling for life) and now there are two sayings, the other one is: “celebrating life in pink.”