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Two and Twenty in a Boat

The North Bay, Ontario Warriors of Hope Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Racing Team are thinking, dreaming about attending the IBCPC event in France in 2026. It was great to talk to Louise Granahan, the new Communications Director for the IBCPC, at the Christie Lake festival (apologies if our pink tutus were a little distracting – especially Bill’s) about the next International.

Immediately some of the team began doing the math – how old would we be in three years, when does our passport expire, how much money (Euros) do we have to put aside each month, and, of the two and twenty in our boat now, how many could make the trip?

Our team is once again making a push for new members and we will be holding out the carrot of France in 2026. Of course, in the intervening years, we will be practicing and attending festivals. Our local team is such a huge part of our lives, but attending these Internationals gives everyone a powerful boost that lasts almost to the next one. Those on our team who are English-speaking are practicing ‘bon voyage’ – and a few more necessary phrases!