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Pink Lionesses, Israel

Submitted by Orit Ziv-Ackerman

As we are at the beginning of a new year, this is an opportunity for me to summarize the achievements of the organization "Pink Lionesses". The organization appointed two paddling groups of patients and people recovering from breast cancer and set for themselves a goal of healing body and soul.

I am happy to announce that the organization gained additional and important recognition last week at the 28th Quality Conference at the medical center. This is the most significant conference in the field where heads of health care, health care providers, hospital managers and decision-makers in the field of health were present.

As the founder of Pink Lionesses Israel, I proudly presented the wonderful Lionesses with the help of representatives from the Tel Aviv and Kinneret Lioness group.

At the beginning of last year, I set it my goal to achieve recognition of paddling sports by our healthcare systems as critical and essential for the recovery of the body and soul. I am proud that this year, our project will be selected together with the Cancer Free Organization among more than 250 initiatives dedicated to the health sector. By doing so, I hope, we will soon be able to announce that health systems will adopt the Pink Lioness Organization and its companies as a medical donor organization for recovery.

I founded the Pink Lionesses Israel in 2017 after the death of my sister Tali Kantervitz and in memory of my own breast cancer.

Today 2 paddling groups operate: Tel Aviv Lionesses and Kinneret Lionesses. Our paddlers range in age from 37-82 and come from across the country. Everyone has had cancer once, twice and even three times. Among them are people who are recovering and those who are being treated regularly.

Since the establishment six years ago for the Kinneret group and two years ago for the Tel Aviv team, we have grown to two hundred paddlers and formed an exciting, strong and powerful group of women who have chosen life and sports activity on the way to recovery. It's exciting to see the motivation, commitment and friendships that were created.

In Israel we are the only "pink" organization that operates professionally at the Daniel Rowing Center and at the Rowing Center in Beit Moon, with an operational team and the proud instructors, who all work voluntarily. The sports nature of the team has improved significantly and now we participate in competitions against mixed, professional and quality paddling teams that are our role models and inspiration.

By the way, in a week, we'll compete in Cyprus... And that's how we act as the state's ambassadors. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Wishing all of us good health. Happy and sweet year.