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France 2026

Registration Information

Lac du Bourget


August 24-30, 2026




Who can participate?

This event is only open to Breast Cancer Survivors. Prior to the event, you will require a form from your doctor stating that you have had breast cancer. Previvors, eg. those with genetic predisposition to breast cancer but who have not had breast cancer, are not eligible. Survivors of other types of cancer are not eligible.

Previvors and other survivors can register as supporters. They can race in the supporters’ category.

When can my team register?

Registration begins on January 24, 2024 at 1000 CET (Central European Time).

What is the cost?

The total cost is 395 Euros per BCS paddler. To register, you will need to pay 50% of that or 200 Euros. Final payment will be due on June 25th, 2025.

Can supporters attend?

Yes, supports will be allowed to attend, but must pay the same registration fee.

Which teams can join?

Only teams that are members of the International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission (IBCPC) are eligible to participate.

What about composite teams?

Often teams will not be able to participate as a whole, so members can come together with other teams to attend a festival. If you intend to form a composite team, please advise the IBCPC Membership director, Linda Kuska, so we can confirm this with the France 2026 organizers. Email Linda:

No team?

If you can’t find a team but you still want to attend, please contact your national rep who may be able to help you find a team in need of paddlers.

Other questions?

See the FAQ Page on the France 2026 website.