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"The Dragon's Cottage"

The year 2024 burst onto the scene with a wave of good news for the Amazonas de Córdoba Foundation.  Just a few years ago, in 2017, they were just a small group of women who, against all odds, achieved the unimaginable. But now, they've surpassed all expectations, extending their support to more women than they ever thought possible.

From those early days to the present, Amazonas de Córdoba has become a beacon of hope for over 190 women and one man who have bravely faced breast cancer.  

In February, as the foundation celebrated its seventh anniversary, there was excitement for more than just the birthday festivities; a major announcement was in store. Traditionally, the number seven is believed to bring good luck, and true to that belief, the foundation refused to let this opportunity slip away. After a year of relentless effort, they proudly unveiled their own shed at their nautical headquarters on Lake Piedras Moras in Almafuerte, Córdoba Province, Argentina.

Now, their dragon boat, along with their kayaks, canoes, and sports gear, is safely sheltered.  During the seventh-anniversary ceremony on March 23rd in Almafuerte, "The Dragon's Cottage" was officially inaugurated.  Municipal and provincial authorities, honorary members, and other foundation supporters attended the event, adding to the celebration.

But Amazonas de Córdoba isn't stopping there; they're doubling down, determined to turn even more oncology patients’ dreams into reality, ensuring they too can benefit from the transformative power of this sport in post-mastectomy recovery.

Amazonas de Córdoba, Córdoba Province, Argentina

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