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Living in a dream world. Dreams become reality.

by Virginia Mezzo, Chicas Pink, Santa Fe

Dreamers, Passionate, Romantic, Fun, Fine, Smart, Drive, Fighters, together we travelled to Escobar, Argentina for the 2nd national meeting of Pink Women from across Argentina.

Everything was Pink, what a paradox, so exciting to all be together living this dream with these survivors from Argentina. 

On Saturday morning, the Pink hosts, ROSAS DEL PLATA, welcomed us all with so much warmth. The place next to the lake was swathed in Pink. We were so excited and enjoyed every moment. Every minute, every talk, every hug, every smile, was amazing and then it was time to hop into the Dragon boat. Our passion was fabulous for each and every one of us. It certainly felt like a dream, a dream come true. Between the many laughs, the praise for a beautiful occasion, the talks, the drawings, the gorgeous gifts, 

And the acknowledgements; we listened to a very interesting talk about controls in our lives and life experiences. And ever-present at all times was the opportunity to train and paddle in the dragon boat. 

Next thing we knew a PINK tide of women were dancing together until sunset and to the rhythm of Zumba celebrating life. 

Sunday arrived, it was another unforgettable day. We breathed so much joy, so much love, so much happiness, and so it was that we breathed life.  We simply cannot express in words the amazing weekend that we lived. 

This was such a different weekend, with such a strong PINK flavour, paddling on the water, the water inspiring life, the eco of the drum in each breath, leaving stamps in the waters of Puerto de Escobar. 

We hug with our hearts to the wonderful team of #ROSASDELPLATA and we say goodbye with an infinity of applause.