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Update from the Pacific North West IBCPC rep Annette Johnson.

In the Pacific Northwest of the USA we hope to return to some sort of routine soon. Our dragon boat season is not going to happen as planned - we did get 3 practices in during the month of March, but we have been told that the entity that owns the boats that they will be taking them to storage since our local government order will not allow organized sports until the last phase - which we expect to be the end of September or early October. This is disappointing as we had 9 races scheduled as a team, but understandable and especially with a group such as ours, many with compromised immune issues.

We as a team (Pink Phoenix Portland) are still finding creative ways to be together - weekly Saturday catch up Zoom Calls, Zoom fitness workouts and even a Zoom Book Club.
Yesterday would have been our annual Celebration of Life (flower ceremony) where we invite families and friends of our Pink Angels to join us for a remembrance paddle. I'm attaching a link to the video I put together with the help of my teammates, as a placeholder. It is important to carry these women in our hearts always.

As far as the western teams many are in the same situation as my team in Portland. I have been in touch with them quite frequently of late with the planning around the NZ festival. Several teams are still planning to register - although a few teams will probably register later on as their fundraising efforts are on hold due to our current set of circumstances. I am working to help those looking to form composite teams for New Zealand.

I am excited to have a new team form and join IBCPC; Vancouver Washington Catch 22. We held a virtual get together a week ago with a local breast cancer support group to help them recruit members for their team and specifically for the adventure to New Zealand. The team is not new to dragon boating as they have been competing for years but are now forming a BC paddler specific team. They are lovely women to work with and they have excellent leadership.

Most western teams are in the same boat (no pun intended) as many of the festivals we attend have either cancelled or postponed until October / November.

All the best to you as we embrace this new "normal" of ours.