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IBCPC and the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

We are occasionally asked about our relationship with IDBF and what it means to be an Association of IDBF.

The relationship between IBCPC and IDBF goes back to the very first meeting held in Caloundra, 2007 regarding establishing IBCPC. The minutes of that meeting note the relationship between IDBF and IBCPC.

This relationship was then carried through to the establishment of IBCPC and also in the writing of the IBCPC Constitution which refers to the closeness and alignment with IDBF.

In developing the Job Descriptions for the President of IBCPC in 2010 it was noted that the President of IBCPC would represent IBCPC at IDBF meetings and wherever needed in this regard.

Meri Gibson as IBCPC President was given the title of Associate Vice President of IDBF at the IDBF Congress held in Thailand in August 2019. This was in recognition of the close relationship and membership standing of IBCPC with IDBF. Regardless of who is the President, Vice President or on the steering committee of IBCPC there will always be a representative from IBCPC at the IDBF council table as IBCPC are an Associate member of IDBF just as the International Ice Dragon Boat Federation is an associate member and also has Associate Vice President representation and a vote at the council table.

The title will pass to the next President (or nominated representative) of IBCPC. It is important to sit at the Council table for which our organisation has a vote.

Latin countries look to join IDBF

First and foremost IBCPC is about promoting the establishment of breast cancer dragon boat teams to participate in exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. As new teams join us many of these develop a desire to join competitive teams or to develop competitive teams. We believe that it is important to create a pathway for them if this is the path they wish to follow. The high number of breast cancer team entries in the IDBF 2020 Club Crew World Championship, France (cancelled) tells us that more and more of our member teams are looking for that competitive edge.

It would seem that some of the Latin American breast cancer teams are starting to look for this level of competition and there have been discussions on Zoom meetings talking about this and enjoying intense training sessions with coaches from Panama. The goal for these teams as we understand it is to be able to compete at the upcoming Pan American Club Crew Championships in March 2021. IBCPC is working closely with IDBF and Pan American Dragon Boat Federation so that the member countries not already members of IDBF can join IDBF which will allow for this pathway for the Latin teams particularly from countries like Brazil to compete if this is what they desire to do.

The people involved in the process of bringing these countries, which are currently not members of IDBF on board are Franco Siu Chong of Trinidad and Tobago, President Pan American Dragon Boat Federation and IDBF Council member, Matt Smith, 2nd Vice President IDBF, former President of Dragon Boat Canada, and National Premier coach. Matt also runs one of Canada’s largest and most prolifically successful dragon boat organisations: 22 Dragons.

The process of joining the Pan American Dragon Boat Federation is not complicated. Prospective member organizations need simply contact Pan American President Franco Siu Chong and demonstrate that they are a legally incorporated organization that is open to all paddlers, clubs and festivals in their country and focused on developing dragon boat for all. Only one organization per country is admitted for membership. Organizations that are seeking to develop coaching and more competitive programs can contact Matt Smith for guidance.