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The world turns pink for breast cancer awareness month

Cecilia Picchi, European Rep - Florence Dragon

The 'Old Continent' is walking towards the Winter season, and after a Summer with reduced COVID numbers, the pandemic is rapidly increasing again. Everybody is very worried about it. Restrictions follow one after another so rapidly in our countries, that it is difficult to be updated about rules, restaurants and bars, gyms and swimming pools, cinemas and theaters all closed or partially closed, evening curfew in 'movida' areas. This situation has many consequences for the population, economy, jobs, social relationships, etc.

BCS teams life is included in this scenario, it affects each one family, it creates sanitary difficulties for oncological patients who need to use hospitals, but also affects the life of the team as a whole.

Many teams have to give up their usual training sessions or have to reduce them (10 paddlers on a standard boat), therefore the aggregational moment that animates our activity is severely limited. Teammates are meeting in small groups and anyway at some 'social distance', avoiding kisses and hugs that make us feel united and in solidarity. Teams have given up the organization and participation in events, festivals and regattas, important moments to consolidate friendship ties among people.

October - international breast cancer awareness month - a must appointment for teams to spread a message of prevention and cure. Unfortunately, many events have not been organized or had to be cancelled at the last moment, with great frustration and loss of visibility. However, in this difficult scenario, an event was possible to carry out in many cities: the lighting of the monuments in pink. Every year it is becoming more and more popular.

I have been shared beautiful photos of monuments lighted in pink, proceedings from different parts of the world. I started collecting them, and encouraging people to send me more photos from all over the world.

Then it came to my mind the idea of making a video. I received photos of famous monuments, well known cities, but even from small villages and far away towns, and to tell you the truth, these small villages excited me a lot. While making the video my mind was travelling from one monument to the other, I could recognize cities I visited and others I wish to visit.

In these difficult times when we are not allowed to travel, this experience made my mind travel anyway. Some countries are less represented in the video, so if you have a monument to share with me, I will use your photo for a next edition of the video. Here is the video I want to share with you. Hope you enjoy it!