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Facebook Engagement

We have been monitoring our engagement on Facebook and have been trying to post a little something every day, whether it is about dragon boating, breast cancer or just a nice thought for the day. Our engagement has been really terrific. Here are some statistics to ponder over:

Our most engaged post was the one where we mentioned that NZ paddlers were back on the water in July. That post was then outstripped by the post about Mark O’Connor, our male breast cancer paddler from Cork, Ireland. Clearly Mark’s winning smile grabbed the headlines. But he was passed by again from the top spot by the post about the new team in Romania and the “Fighters in Egypt.

2 October – 30 October analytics:

Post reach up by 387%

Post engagement up by 372% (is that even possible, it would seem so)

Page likes up by 190%

Clearly we are reaching very lofty heights with our posts.

The biggest reaches were as follows:

· Welcome to Romania 8,500+ reaches

· Egypt “ Fighters” 1,700+ reaches

· Mark O’Connor, the Pink October poster boy 1,300+ reaches

We have held these reaches and are even increasing since then…

Thanks for following us, liking and engaging on the posts, it’s great to see we are hitting the right mark with our content.

We will be setting up an Instagram account also which will link to our Facebook page. So for those of you who like to engage and see what we are up to there will be even more opportunity.