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Women Economic Forum (WEF)

We are extremely proud of the founder and captain of Rosas del Plata, Dr. Matilde Yahni for her work in lifting the global profile of breast cancer dragon boating.

Matilde is a general practitioner practicing family medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the last 250 days she has worked remotely (while the country is in various forms of COVID lockdown) to diagnose patients with COVID-19.

Matilde and her team, Rosas del Plata, had a busy Pink October participating in talks and forums on cancer prevention. Through the work she and the team have been doing in promoting breast cancer awareness dragon boating, she was asked to speak at the World Women Economic Forum (WEF) on December 10th 2020. It is expected that here will be 1,500,000 global attendees from all over the world, at this virtual conference.

This International forum is headed by Argentine lawyer, Dr Lina Arillo, head of the World Compliance Association, an International Non-Profit Association formed by professionals and organizations interested in the world of compliance. Dr Arillo is also connected to the ALL Ladies League (ALL), a multinational movement of “Sisters Beyond Borders”, fostering a worldwide web of women beyond borders, boundaries, and bias. WEF and ALL offer the largest and widest outreach, enabling women’s networking and connections, and empowering women’s entrepreneurship and leadership in all walks of life.

The IBCPC Steering Committee are super excited about the connectivity created by this relationship as it will help us to reach out to those people diagnosed with breast cancer in countries where we can do our best, by encouraging the development of breast cancer dragon boat teams through participation and inclusiveness.

Note: Women Economic Forum (WEF)