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Male BCS the word is spreading

When we ran our newsletter article about Mark O’Connor being our Male BCS Ambassador the response was overwhelming. So many positive comments about the fact we had made this appointment and the selection of the man to represent other male BCS. One of those comments came from the Male Breast Cancer Coalition. Who even knew that this existed? Below is an extract from their Facebook page.

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC)

The male breast cancer coalition (MBCC) a global not-for-profit patient advocacy organisation brings men diagnosed with breast cancer together to educate the world about male breast cancer.

Breast cancer does not discriminate when diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24 Bret Miller promised his surgeon that no man would ever feel alone when hearing the words, “You have breast cancer”. After a close friend’s husband was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cheri began her mission to end the stigma and feelings of abandonment associated with a male breast cancer diagnosis. As a result of a connection made on Facebook, together Brett and Cheri formed the Male Breast Cancer Coalition in 2014.

The MBCC shares the journeys of male breast cancer survivors from all around the world and honours lives lost in an “in Memorium” section. They connect and support men and their families around the globe. They visit schools and universities to teach students that every individual is his/her own best advocate for their bodies, and they attend major breast-cancer conferences to increase their knowledge of current studies, research, and treatments available. They participate in events around the country to raise awareness of breast cancer in men.