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Pink Power is Spreading

We are very pleased and proud to inform you that our Vice President, Lucia De Ranieri, has just been appointed as a director of the board of the Fondazione Careggi Onlus, the foundation has been established by the AOU Careggi Hospital of Florence, one of the most prestigious and biggest hospitals in Tuscany and in Italy.
“When I was proposed to join the Foundation’ – says Lucia – “I felt deeply the honour of being a part of such a prestigious institution, and of course I accepted the appointment with great pleasure and enthusiasm”.

Lucia says that the opportunity to work in favour of every aspect of the physical, medical, mental and total well-being of the organisation and all patients that use the services of the AOU Careggi Hospital, is very inspiring.

Every day 20.000 people attend the hospital for visits, check-ups, treatments, surgeries, etc. Through the foundation’s social activities, cultural initiatives and fundraising events they can support innovative projects and develop the well-being in the hospital environment and promote the medical-scientific culture that will help to provide physicians with innovative study opportunities and specialised equipment availability.

Today health is so much more than the absence of illness/disease, it is above all a path to understanding and knowledge, without which we cannot truly take good care of ourselves. There are so many factors necessary to guarantee/ensure a psychological and physical equilibrium and to reach a state of wellbeing.

Lucia says, “living this new adventure will be for me a privilege and I will commit myself with passion, dedication and the spirit of service to this mission. I do wish to make a valid contribution to the goals of the Foundation and to support the AOU Careggi Hospital”.

Here, at IBCPC, we are all immensely proud of the new appointment of our Vice President and we wish her all the best for this new challenge.