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More Power to Women

Whilst IBCPC is not in any way a political forum, we found it interesting to follow this summit and in particular the policies that they felt were of importance to woman globally. It rang bells with us in terms of moving forward or in their words “building forward”, as that is what we endeavour to do at IBCPC, to build to grow. Below are some excerpts from the press release.

Women Political Leaders Summit 2021

Press release: Heads of States, Ministers, Speakers of Parliaments, Parliamentarians and leaders from around the world gather virtually at the Women Political Leaders Summit 2021

Monday, 21 June, 2021 – Today, the Women Political Leaders Summit 2021 reflected the real meaning of “building forward” by bringing together more than 100 leaders to share solutions that would help move towards a new normal, and a better world for all. Taking place in a virtual format for the first time ever, the Women Political Leaders Summit 2021 was co-chaired by Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The high-level discussions were opened by Silvana Koch-Mehrin, President and Founder of WPL: “We are all here to move from words to action. From speaking lines to budget lines. To build forward and determine the new normal,” she said. In her turn, Amina J. Mohammed shed light on the positive impact of women’s equal representation in leadership.

Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, discussed the importance of equality in leadership in both the business and political realms, saying: “No society will be able to rise to today’s challenges if it only uses half of its living resources, of its force, of its ability to promote, in both public service and companies, diversity, which is the cornerstone of innovation."

With the world’s attention focused on the "new normal" in a post-COVID world, the Women Political Leaders Summit 2021 keynote addresses highlighted solutions that promote women in leadership positions, allowing societies to benefit from their expertise as they effectively drive social and economic recoveries. “Women have proven time and again that, when given the opportunity, they deliver. The key is to give women the room that they need to become the leaders that they want to be and not expect them to fit into the existing mould." said Sahle-Work Zewde, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

“Women make up the majority of global health workers. Women also lead the way in shifting SME capacity to ensure fulfilment of essential health equipment,” Retno L.P. Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia.

In her summarising remarks, Silvana Koch-Mehrin highlighted the main outcomes from the discussions which revolve around change across all levels, accountability and the need to transform leadership.

"Thank you for what you did today – and not least thank you for all the things you and we will do tomorrow and beyond." - Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Founder and President of WPL

Statistics update

We know you love statistics.

Despite a total lockdown across the globe caused by the COVID pandemic, the financial uncertainty of a pandemic, and no outreach clinics since November 2019, under our leadership since July 2018 we have grown the IBCPC membership and country affiliate numbers:

60% growth in the number of countries we represent and we are also currently in talks with regards to setting up teams in Croatia and Mexico, both countries that IDBF are not in. We hope to have outreach clinics in 2022/2023 to these countries. We are sure many of you will be ready to jump on a plane to assist at these outreach clinics when the borders fully open.

35% growth in the number of teams.

Remember each country like Fiji, Romania, (two other countries IDBF is not in) for instance may only have one team, hence the far greater growth in countries.

It’s very exciting. We are so pleased by this growth as we know that this can only occur by everyone singing from the same song sheet, collaborating for a shared goal. Having the right people in the right places shows that amazing things can happen. We are delighted by this as it supports our mission of “Exercise is Medicine”.