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And still a little more from the WonderBroads, Canada

Even COVID can’t stop the WonderBroads from paddling!

As Spring 2021 rounded the corner, the WonderBroads were as excited as ever to be on the water; however, masks and social distancing played havoc with plans. Being a committed and creative group though, a solution was soon found - kayaking!

Kayaking as a team was full of challenges and firsts. Not only did we need to learn the skills of gracefully getting in and out of a rocky kayak, but we also needed to be creative in developing drills that would allow us to maintain and develop our paddling skills. Up and down River Canard we went, with pacing and variable speed drills. Practices cumulated with competitive races and lots and lots of weary smiles.

Our kayak season recently ended with a time honoured Flower Ceremony - a special time to remember and celebrate members who remain with us in spirit and are forever WonderBroads!

We say:

It’s in the reach of our arms

As we stretch over the boat

The twist of our body

The lips tight and determined

We’re WonderBroads


Phenomenal WonderBroads

That’s who we are.

(Adapted from Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou)

We are grateful for a season of kayaking and new found skills but are also looking forward to a return to our beloved dragon boat in 2022.