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Update from the European Dragon Boat Federation (EDBF)

At the last EDBF Ordinary Congress held on 28th August 2021 Claudio Schermi was re-elected as EDBF President for his 2nd term in office and Paola Pochesci was re-elected as chair holder of the EDBF Women in Sport Commission. As chair holder, this time, Paola was asked to present candidates for the position of members of the Commission.

Paola noted that the Dragon boat activities are restarting after these pandemic times as is every sport all around the world, and as such she would like to give a boost to the Women in Sport Commission, creating a team of active and passionate women with vision, who really care for women in our sport, ready to cooperate in order to create a strong team for empowering and growing the sport for women in dragon boating, on and off the field of play.

Paola has given her special attention towards BCS paddlers and as such asked us if we could nominate a suitable candidate to be included into the EDBF Women in Sport Commission in order to establish a closer link between our two commissions and benefit from a mutual exchange of information. This initiative was strongly supported by President Claudio, as a

supporter and promoter of BCS in Italy with Olranda Cappelli in 2002, he is really interested in establishing a strong link with IBCPC.

We could not think of anyone better than Lucia De Ranieri as a candidate and nominated Lucia with our full endorsement.

We are thrilled to announce that Lucia will take up the position of BCS representative to the EDBF sitting inside the Women’s Commission. We believe this will be a very strong union of our two organizations.