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From the desk of the President

March 2022

It seems strange to be wishing you a happy New Year at this time but this is our first newsletter for 2022. So, on that basis I wish to extend to you all the very best wishes for 2022 and all that unfolds in it. The year certainly started off with a lot of changes globally and particularly in relation to the pandemic as we are slowly but surely starting to see the worlds borders reopen. Restrictions remain for many countries and it would seem that very few are immune whether it is self-isolation or enforced isolation for periods of up to 3 weeks for instance in China. Let’s hope that within the next few months it will be a much more open world.

Who would’ve believed that during a pandemic we would continue to grow and spread our awareness globally? We have welcomed 50 new teams since the pandemic started. Our growth is exceptional and it is so exciting to see these new teams and countries coming on board, but also what we consider to be new teams appearing in mature markets. We are writing letters of endorsement to people who are looking to expand into other countries and this fills us with great excitement.

We are also excited to see that Lucia de Ranieri is now a representative of the breast-cancer movement on the European Dragon Boat Federation (EDBF). You can read more about this further in the newsletter.

Our Facebook page continues to have a growing following with many of our posts achieving high reach and engagement. We love seeing posts from our member teams globally whether it is on Facebook or Instagram and following the camaraderie that they share.

Here’s to an exciting 2022 and I look forward to the opportunity of being able to travel more and meeting up with you personally.

Stay safe and well, all the very best.

Meri Gibson

IBCPC Global President