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Argentina – Rosas del Plata

Submitted by Adriana Schneider August 2022

My life was adrift. One year after a huge, unexpected tsunami had hit my peaceful life ferociously and turned my world upside down, I started looking for answers. Breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, treatment, survival. Six months had gone by, and I still could not find the meaning I was looking for.

My name is Adriana, an ordinary woman, mother, professional, and breast cancer survivor. It still sounds awkward to me, but it´s true, I survived, I´m still here.

After such an overwhelming roller-coaster of feelings, I felt lost. I knew that what I had just gone through had to have a purpose. I had to discover what it all meant, most importantly, what I was supposed to do with it.

One day, while chatting with my therapist, she suggested exercising regularly to help relieve my lymphedema. I would have never imagined that such an innocent comment could bring so much change and joy back into my life. A few hours later, I met ROSAS DEL PLATA. What can I say? It´s hard to imagine how a bunch of women, breast cancer survivors paddling together in the same boat can change somebody´s life so drastically. Related stories, sisterhood, support, and above all, a strong will to live life to the fullest.

What can I say? They changed my life; they gave a new meaning to my existence. My boat changed course. I was no longer adrift. My life made sense again. It all happened just a month ago. I can say now that we are paddling together for life. We never surrendered, we survived, and we will survive!