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Greetings from Wonderful Copenhagen

Update of the last 5 months in Denmark

Submitted by Helen Lexner-Munck, Country Liaison, Denmark

When we started our dragon boat season in April of this year, the weather was cold, grey, and very windy. The strong winds especially have been quite annoying and more intensive than normal. It has been a challenge for us when we were out in the harbour struggling with our very heavy, old boat, water traffic, often rain and strong winds.

In June we joined the Hannover Dragon Boat event and had such a wonderful time with the German teams and the team from Malmo, Sweden (regular, not BCS paddlers). In fact, it was our first event abroad since Florence in 2018!

Last Saturday (August) we held our annual capsize drill! It went well, and we were lucky to be able to do it with a clear blue sky, sunny with 28 degrees. The water was warm and clean in the harbours, but most importantly no one was injured or hurt.

On the 27th of August we held a flower ceremony in memory of and to honour the 5 team members we have lost and of course all other women still battling this disease.

Copenhagen Dragon Boat Team now has 25 active paddlers. We are still facing some challenges in the aftermath of Covid-19 like recruiting new members, but we are working hard.

We are still fundraising to raise money for a boat; however, it is difficult here, but we don’t give up, it will be one of our main goals.

It is wonderful to learn and to see the IBCPC community growing so fast, and we are very proud to be part of it! Personally, I enjoy the friendship and networking with many other members from all over the globe. This sisterhood is so unique, I and my teammates are so happy to be a part of this adventure of life.