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Outreach 2023

Submitted by Meri Gibson

The funds that we determine and receive from the levy that is payable from the IBCPC festivals is how we fund our outreach programs.

We have substantial funds sitting in the Canadian Society bank account that are for this exact purpose and we hope to undertake more outreach clinics in 2023. These will most likely take place in the third and fourth quarters of 2023.

Even though Europe has been established for some years there are many countries that still do not have breast cancer dragon boating, there are also countries that are struggling to gain a foothold as they do not receive any local assistance or any form of coaching or training support, this is where we can help.

If you would be interested in joining us on an outreach, please do let us know and we will keep you updated as to what our plans are for 2023 as this is how we achieve growth and share our stories of the benefits of breast-cancer paddling globally.