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A Silver Rose Among the Roses of the Sea, Argentina

Submitted by Laura Griselda Garcia

My name is Laura Griselda Garcia and I´ve been a member of Rosas del Plata since 2019. But this story is not about my team …

400 km away from Buenos Aires live the Rosas del Mar (Roses of the Sea). This group of resilient women who have gone through breast cancer decided some time ago to get closer and dare to paddle in a Dragon Boat.

But at first, they paddled in other types of boats…, the Dragon Boat was waiting. It is not common or easy in Argentina to be able to get one. Yet, they insisted and fought to obtain it and this year the long-awaited Dragon Boat arrived at Laguna de los Padres, in Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires.

I joined Rosas del Plata in 2019 and since then I have experienced a deep feeling of sisterhood within the group. I approached the Roses of the Sea. I was curious to meet them, to know what had happened to these women with the arrival of the boat. And I

felt the same feeling as in 2019: camaraderie, love in their eyes, inclusion in their intentions, commitment, projects and dreams, many dreams.

They invited me to paddle with them and their coach. The place is especially beautiful! And they, the Roses of the Sea, paddled in silence, giving thanks, with sweetness and care, weaving a unique and intimate bond between their lives and the universe.

I was able to contribute, according to my experience, with some tips for the practice of paddling and they incorporated them with great interest and humility.

I am happy to have met them and to represent Rosas del Plata in these first steps with their Dragon Boat.

Here is to them, the world of Roses and dreams!