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Italy - Aquile Rosa Lilt Palermo

Inauguration and Launching of the new dragon boat of Aquile Rosa Lilt Palermo

Just a few weeks ago, on February the 18th, in collaboration with the Yacht Club del Mediterraneo and with the OACCUs program (Outside Against the Cancer Connects Us), the Aquile Rosa Lilt Palermo team inaugurated its boat!

The launching of our new dragon boat took place in our wonderful city, Palermo in Sicily. Achieving this goal was a big dream for us and, even now, we can hardly believe it.

Our team was born almost six years ago. We used to train with another club, but last May a strong desire arose within us to have a boat of our own to cherish.

All team members have been involved in achieving this extraordinary goal. All together, with the help of our President Lilt Palermo, Francesca Glorioso, we wrote a project plan, where we highlighted the physical and psychological benefits of dragon boating for breast cancer survivors.

The project was then approved and funded by ARS, the Regional Assembly of Sicily Region, which allowed us to purchase the dragon boat.

When our dragon boat arrived, it was a huge celebration. We were so excited that tears of joy were flowing down our cheeks.

The journey was a long one. Our boat was shipped from Germany on a 17-meter-long truck and traveled for 3 days. Finally, on February 18th, we put our beautiful all pink dragon boat on the water, what an amazing feeling!

To celebrate with us there were many guests, including Municipality and Regional representatives, doctors, oncologists, friends, families and many other team’s supporters. The joy in our eyes was evident. We are now able to resume our activity, which is so important to us. It helps us forget what we have been through and savor the warmth of the sun and the wind that caresses our faces. We believe that our activity is "Sea Therapy."

A new era now begins for the Aquile Rosa Lilt Palermo team. There are many goals to achieve, but we aim to soar high.

A special thanks to our expert friend Alessandro Piccardi, lifelong supporter of breast cancer paddlers, who has always supported us along this journey and to our coaches Filippo D'amato and Enrico Sottosanti.

Let this beautiful adventure begin!

By Marialetizia Scianna Aquile Rosa Lilt Palermo’s Captain