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International Women's Day Event

Submitted by Orit Ziv Ackerman, the founder and manager of “Pink Lionesses, Israel”.

It is the online screening of “Paddling for Life”- a documentary film that was made about our group here in Israel.

The screening will be followed with an online discussion (in English) on what it means to be a “Pink Lionesses” and what paddling on dragon boats does to our wellbeing.

Attached you’ll find an invitation and clear instructions on how to register (very important) in order to connect and view the film and discussion.

It’s open for a full week – meaning that you can watch the film any time between March 9th-March 16. The zoom meeting will be online following the live event from March 11th.

It is a free event. The audience is invited to “pay as you wish”. The proceeds will assist us to continue paddling.

Will you be so kind to share this information and invitation with your groups of breast cancer survivors, dragon boat paddlers and all others that like documentary films or have some kind of connection to the subject.

Warm regards,

Orit Ziv Ackerman