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Worldwide Exchange

Submitted by Matilde Yahni, National Representative, Argentina

The world is small when it comes to pink sisterhood. Thanks to networks provided by IBCPC, the ethos that “Exercise is Medicine” and “you should be able to join a boat and paddle anywhere in the world” came true!!!!

Lucia, an Italian pink paddler from the Roman team PAGAIE ROSA, was visiting an Italian friend who lives Buenos Aires. She contacted the local team and two days later she was on our dragon boat paddling with us, Rosas de Plata, in NORDELTA, Tigre, a beautiful district 30 km from the city of BUENOS AIRES. Our team had registered for a dragon boat competition and Lucia gladly joined in and raced with us!! It was lovely to have her on our boat. We all enjoyed her presence and, as many Argentinians come from Italian backgrounds, everyone tried to speak Italian to make her feel at home. Lucia surprised us with a homemade pasta frolla, which the team devoured after training on a warm summer day which reached 35 °C.

Two weeks later I travelled to Spain and Italy - a trip postponed due to Covid. Not only was I invited to train with PAGAIE ROSA, but Lucia also opened her home to me. I enjoyed staying with her for 3 days and sharing time with her PAGAIE ROSA team of lovely, bubbly ladies, who took me out to lunch and dinner and filled me with gifts. The training led by Paolo was excellent, despite the cold day (3 degrees) and strong wind on Albano Lake, in Castel Gandolfo. At the end of the training, Patricia’s birthday was celebrated with singing and tossing Prosecco on the dragon, while cooling down (a practice my team decided to incorporate right away).

A million thanks to all the beautiful pink sisters of PAGAIE ROSA. As I told most of them, I spent unforgettable moments filled with warmth, sport, laughs, great Italian food and camaraderie.

Special thanks to a new friend and pink sister, Lucia Onori.

Thanks to IBCPC for encouraging us to make wonderful bonds worldwide as proof that there is a beautiful life after breast cancer.

Matilde Yahni Captain of Rosas del Plata IBCPC representative for Argentina