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Ambassadors Make The Festival Incredibly Special

Article from the Ambassadors.

“I just wanted to say that the ambassador who hosted 49 for a BBQ in Cambridge has asked the team he hosted donate to Waikato Treasure Chests (WTC) instead of paying him. WTC team continues to visit the lady from the USA in hospital and this week supplied her with summer dresses etc and of course they hosted Argentina and so many who were non-BC were ambassadors so they deserve the donation.”

“Cheers Colleen, it was great to be a part of it, something that I will cherish for the rest of my life You should take so much credit for the sterling work you did yourself Once again many Thanks Robbie.”

Snippets of being an ambassador

Ambassador snippets from Seuze Morris

It was with huge excitement I popped into the local bakery and picked up some Hot x buns and some kiwi treats for Clare & the team from Dragons Abreast Canberra, as I headed to their accommodation to meet them for the first time. As we embraced, it was like meeting an old friend, as Clare and I had been chatting via email on and off for a while.

At times, as my role of ambassador, I felt redundant because Clare and the team were so organised. The team dinner I was shouted out to, popping out to support the team on training day, hosting some at our home in Raglan, marching alongside them all in the street parade and cheering them on during race days were more special than I thought possible.

The team had a ‘WhatsApp’ group chat for their NZ adventures which I was lucky to be part of. It was the best way for all the team and I to communicate, important or fun chats were shared, and we continue today chatting online.

I now follow Dragons Abreast Canberra and a few of the paddlers on Facebook. Our bucket list is to visit Canberra, paddle with the team and enjoy more fun times.

I would highly recommend being an ambassador. It was a wonderful, memorable experience. I was so lucky to have an amazing, fun, full of life team of strong women and their partners.

Ambassador snippets from Wayne Morris

Anne and her team, from Pittsburgh Hearts of Steel, Amelia their tour guide, and partners were chilling in the lounge of their accommodation when I arrived with their IBCPC goody bags.

Instantly there was much banter amongst us all, excitement for the week ahead and an instant connection. I was invited to an evening meal with the team, and in conjunction with Amelia, I was able to covertly prepare two kiwi pavlovas to celebrate Anne’s birthday. She had expressed that tasting a pavlova was on her list of ‘ NZ to do’s’, fair to say, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all the team, as there was not much pavlova left at the end of the evening!

I want to give a shout out to my team as they had been training on ergs for the previous six months prior to the regatta, but they did not disappoint on the water finishing in the top 20. Amazing powerful, strong women who left me in awe.

During the week of attending events with the team, very much a women’s environment, being a male was not a barrier, I was always made to feel very comfortable and welcome.

This experience as an ambassador I will treasure forever. I have made friends who I wish to visit sometime in the US. They all know if ever visiting our shores again, they are most welcome at our home in Raglan.

Ambassador snippets from Megan Carpenter

“I was so proud to be an ambassador for my lovely ladies “The Dragon Divas” from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A great bunch of lovely ladies. They were very appreciative of all the advice & help I was able to give them. Had a great week with them all & made lots of new friends.

It was indeed a privilege to be part of an amazing team of survivors & strong woman.

A truly amazing experience.” Cheers Megan.

From Colleen Harris, Ambassador co-ordinator

I asked my ambassadors the following questions after the festival.

What did you get out of the experience and being with your team etc.

Have you made new face book friends and were the teams grateful etc.

“I have had a number of ambassadors who have told me they would do it again in a heartbeat and another who said he would cherish the memories for ever.”

“We were also happy to continue to visit Delia is hospital and to take her in some kiwi goodies to keep her occupied and some summer clothes”.