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News from Germany

Drachenbootfestival Hannover brings PINK DRAGONS together.

The team Pink Fusion started as a racing community of pink teams from the Western area of Germany, that is Koblenz, Limburg, Heilbronn, and Aschaffenburg.

When we started the first race of the competition on Saturday, the team came together in a boat for the first time. Nobody knew how the team would synchronize.

Then the start sign was given, and the team had a good first race, being in second position already. It was wonderful to see how well the team synchronized so quickly.

This merry feeling took us over the whole weekend, and we had a lot of fun at the Maschsee, in the boat, at the base camp and at the parties.

Sebastian (Coach Limburger Domdrachen).

Halle geht in Hamburg Essen – this team name translates into: Halle goes out for dinner/to eat in Hamburg, as pink paddlers from Halle (Saale), Hamburg and Essen united in one boat. „We are thankful for an eventful, exciting, and fantastic weekend. Once again, we have proven to everyone and ourselves how far we can go if we go together! A heartfelt thank you to our teammates from Essen and Hamburg. It was an amazing experience! We are looking forward to the next time…“ Jana, Pink Dragons Halle (Saale)

We, the Pink Dragons Essen, experienced a very special weekend as a team with many new impressions, faces and emotions united with paddlers from the teams Pink Dragons Halle/Saale and Hamburg Pinx. The dragon boat festival at Hannover was an awesome and unforgettable weekend for us. The time we spent was exciting, touching, fun, thrilling - in short: simply marvelous. We are overwhelmed by the team spirit and solidarity with all paddlers from Halle/ Saale and Hamburg. It was great with you! Antje, Pink Dragons Essen

Anja: We are grateful for the memorable moments and will live off them for a long time. A special thank you goes to Sonja and Metta from Hamburg Pinx and the team from Halle/Saale. The time we spent together was great. Anja, Pink Dragons Essen.

We, two pink paddlers from Hamburg, were incorporated in the boat of Halle/Saale and Essen. We spent four happy and unforgettable days. We were part of the huge, perfectly organized Dragonboat family being surprised by great actions of the Hannover Pink Paddlers. Our special feature was the union of paddlers from East and West Germany. With each race we were more and more synchronous, what a wonderful experience calling for MORE. Thanks to all involved persons for this unique adventure." Metta, Hamburg Pinx.

It was my big wish to take part in the “Drachenbootfestival Hannover“ on Pentecost weekend. As I was one of only two paddlers from my team, the Hamburg Pinx, I found a place in the composite boat organized by the TVK Pink Dragons Essen and boosted by numerous paddlers from Halle (Saale). The team spirit was fantastic from beginning to end and we felt like champions after each race – even if we didn't finish first! The team spirit made us euphoric!

We were warmly welcomed by the two pink home teams ´Pink Dragonistas‘ and ‘Hannover Pinkx‘ and all felt like being part of a pink family. The regatta and its pink events were organized perfectly – one of the many highlights was the flower ceremony, an incredibly emotional moment. The fellowship in the boats and knowing that my parents were close to me in the audience helped me to cherish the moment.

Many other memories will last – one of them was walking through a trellis of 100 cheering pink paddlers – I remember an insane sense of community. The many great things I have experienced at this regatta still trigger feelings of happiness weeks later. I will be back! Sonja, Hamburg Pinx