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KC Pink Warriors

KC Pink Warriors brought home the medal in the BCS Cup and was competitive in the Women’s division during the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival!

This marks a significant milestone for our team as it was our very first international festival. The city of Vancouver was gorgeous and the thrill of competing in Olympic Village against top-notch teams from around the world has left and indelible mark on our souls.

The adventure didn’t stop on the race course, when we weren’t competing we made the most of our time sightseeing, whale watching, embarking on adventurous hikes, and exploring the city on two wheels.

The best part of any journey is the connections we make, and this festival was no exception. Throughout our time in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to forge incredible friendships with athletes from different corners of the globe. We were also fortunate to be reunited with old friends who came out to paddle with us on this remarkable voyage.

This team is not just about gold medals, but about the spirit of unity, determination, and resilience that embodies the dragon boat community and its supporters. Cheers to the KC Pinks and the support that got us here.