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Rosa dos Ventos celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Submitted by by: Lucy Mary R. Kuntz

On October 15th, 2023, we organized a very important and special event in Londrina City, Paraná State, Brazil to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Rosa dos Ventos (Wind Rose) team. In addition to that, we worked to spread awareness of the importance of breast cancer prevention and participating in sports after breast cancer treatment.

Rosa dos Ventos members, in partnership with another team in Londrina called MamaMestra Movement, planned and organized this event. The purpose of the fundraising was to purchase a new 10-seat Dragon Boat for Rosa dos Ventos team.

Despite being a relatively new team, Rosa dos Ventos has been continuously growing with new members. Lately we have found that the current 20-seat Dragon Boat is no longer sufficient for all member to participate in the training activities. In the past, the current Dragon Boat was acquired with the effort of all members through continual charity bazaar, sales actions, fundraising and partnership with people who are sympathetic to the breast cancer cause.

The event highlighted many entertaining activities for all ages, about 300 participants could enjoy a very pleasant and family friendly Sunday morning. It started with a walk around the Igapo lake followed by a delicious breakfast at the Lake Club Londrina (Yacht Club) on the lakeshore. It is also important to mention that the Lake Club Londrina (Yacht Club) has been one the major supportive partners to the Institute Rosa dos Ventos.

All participants had the opportunity to buy in several handcraft shops, and to join in the exciting giveaways. One of the best DJs in the city joined for the morning, along with an incredible Blues Band. They both excited the crowd and energized the morning with boundless positive and dynamic music.

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the regatta was when a team 22 breast cancer survivors members paddled together with strength and shared these special moments with their families and friends. It was an incredible feeling to be a breast cancer survivor and proudly represent the strength of the Brazilian Pink Paddlers Movement. In addition, we paddled as a mix team. We invited some participants who had breast cancer and some who had not experienced breast cancer. It was very inclusive and a special moment for all of us to share the experience of padding a Dragon Boat with family, friends and guests.

The event definitely overwhelmed everyone’s expectations. It was really an outstanding moment for Rosa dos Ventos (Wind Rose) Team. The pictures will be in our memories forever. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to its realization. In particular Lake Club Londrina (Yacht Club) who embraced the Rosa dos Ventos team, our projects and our members since our foundation. We are proud and thankful to be part of the Pink Paddler Movement.