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Regatta Items

Compiled by Louise Granahan

With suggestions from IBCPC members

You may not want or need to bring all of these items, but this list will get you started.


o Paddle

o Butt pad


o Knee pad

o Gloves

Food and Drinks

o Water

o Cereal

o Blueberries

o Milk

o Lunch

o Granola/protein bars

o Almonds

o Bananas

o Electrolytes

o Thermos of coffee or tea

o Treats for teammates


o Tent

o Stadium seat/chair

o Blanket

o Dry bags (for my change of clothes, wallet and keys in case it rains)

o Waterproof phone pouch

o Umbrella

o Wagon/trolley/partner to carry things

o Toilet paper

o Hand Sanitizer

o Several large plastic bags to use as ground cover (can be used at the end of the day to collect garbage)


o Uniform

o Change of clothes including shoes and socks

o Rain gear

o Hat

o Towel

o Toiletries

o Hair elastic

o Sunblock

o Bug spray

o Wallet with credit card and cash

o Sunglasses with floating strap

o Battery powered fan

o Lavender essential oil roller

o A dragon tattoo

o Spare glasses

o Lip balm

o Lipstick

o Waterproof mascara in case you ugly cry at the flower ceremony


o Hula hoops

o Knitting/crocheting/book

o Bubbles

o Phone/battery pack/headphones

Trading Items

o Pins

o Shirts


o Enthusiasm

o A good team attitude/spirit

o A smile

o A winning spirit and heart

o Warrior spirit

o A dragon spirit of inclusiveness and getting on with life after a breast cancer diagnosis

o Camaraderie

o Power

o Passion

o Love