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Submitted by Floribeth Campos de Finizio

Greetings from a beautiful country in Central America, PANAMÁ, a place with amazing landscapes, tropical beauty, and a land of the Pink Warriors PTY Team, since 2019 @pinkwarriorspanama

We are celebrating Cancer Awareness Prevention Month. As you know, October is one of the most important months in the year, since it represents an opportunity to help other people raise awareness about prevention and early detection. With our testimonies, we work to share that we are the proof, that after Cancer diagnosis "we said YES to life" and we paddle for hope.

Our motto this month is "Alas de Esperanza" to drive hope for those that need it the most, using the Pink Wings as part of our emblem. Busy activities like participating in events, TV shows, billboards, company testimonies, brand activations, and big social media campaigns. We also participated in the 8th Dragon Boat Festival in the BCP category in small boats, with 2 Teams, Pink Warriors Stars and Pink Warriors Queen, accompanied by our traditional flower ceremony. We had a special guest, IBCPC president, Meri Gibson, who shared some words to embrace the moment. 

This year has been a blessing since our Pink Warriors team, now has 40 paddlers. The family grows, the objectives strengthened, and our mission advances stronger than ever. We continue our daily training, strengthening ourselves and as a team to raise Panamá’s name all over the world.

More good news is that Panama as an IBCPC country is growing too, because now there are 4 teams in total. Three of us are already members of IBCPC - Pink Warriors, Dragonheart and Royale Dragons.

We want to promote the sport and continue to grow, to bring this legacy for Breast Cancer Survivor Paddlers.