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Dragonesse Avigliana

Submitted by Paola Zaccagni

“It always seems impossible until it is realized”. This has been our motto during these months of non-stopping work to prepare for our Tenth Anniversary.

Finally, our dream took place on October 6th, 7th and 8th, 2023. “The Dragonesse Avigliana” gave life to a fantastic pink party to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Many friends came from everywhere in Italy. People from Sardegna, Lazio, Veneto, and Lombardia regions, joined us to celebrate.

Many people who believed in us have supported from the beginning and for this reason we wanted to thank all of them, friends and supporters, for the great sustaining efforts in realizing our project.

Our aim in 2023 is to create a sharing day of joy and spontaneous sporting activity.

Mutual support brings together many Pink Women who challenge each other as survivors with paddle strokes.

Sport as a tool for inclusion, to learn how to work outside of their comfort zone, to recognise the great value of psycho-physical recovery that dragon boating has been for us. We are all in the same boat, with the certainty that we are witness to a good life, a message that we have a duty to bring to all the women because together we can achieve unexpected results.

During these days we have picked up the baton of many other Associations. We give each other smiles, hugs and a lot of energy and to continue in our future projects.

Thanks to all the women who with their imagination, tenacity and perseverance, have made this dream come true on Lake Avigliana.