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The next IBCPC Festival!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

So many of you are looking forward to the IBCPC Festival in New Zealand next year.

But what is going to happen with the next one, where will it be held?

In the past, we have held a meeting at the festival, for those who are interested in being the next host. Then once the bids have been evaluated the announcement is made via email/social media.

For the 2026 Festival, we will be doing it a little differently. We will be hosting virtual workshops for those interested or considering hosting the next Festival. The workshop will go through timelines, criteria etc. Following this, interested parties may prepare and submit their bid and go through evaluation, including site visits.

The announcement of where the next festival will be held will be made at the closing ceremony of the Festival in New Zealand!

Time is moving fast, so please keep an eye out for the bid workshops – which will be held in July 2022.

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